Golden Age

Greece radiates the unmistakable spirit of the Mediterranean – sparkling azure seas, sweeping olive groves, and the bee hum of lazy, sunlit summer days. Take in the majesty of the Acropolis, the nostalgia of Corinth or Epidavros, and relive that momentous phase in human development, the birth of the Classical world. Greece is always a place of great allure.

Greek Islands Cruise

Visit unspoiled island retreats via magical harbours far from the madding crowd. Sail away from the sea lanes and Greece retains a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a holiday retreat. One can imagine Homeric mariners charting their course through the lovely waters of the Dodecanese.

The Dodecanese

A cruise through the Dodecanese Islands is always a great pleasure, sailing from one island to another, each with its own character. Some have busy harbours and bustling streets, but others are away from the main sea lanes and retain a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, ideal for a holiday retreat


The islands of the Dodecanese run like a necklace around the Aegean coast of Asia Minor, from Patmos in the north to Rhodes in the south. Their proximity to the Ottoman coast of mainland Turkey allowed them to be tax-exempt by Sultan Suleiman in the 16th century, hence they were known as the “Privileged Isles”. And privileged they are indeed today, isles of great beauty in the balmy climate of the eastern Mediterranean. Their history goes back beyond the Classical world.

Flight to the Greek island of Kos arriving in the harbour of Kos town overlooked by a fort built by the Crusader Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. There are remains of the classical city here in the town of Kos. Transfer our yachts in Kos Harbour. Overnight ON BOARD in Kos.
Morning visit to the Aesclepion, a religious and medical centre dating to the 4th century BC, which was one of the most famous centers of healing in the ancient world and where the physician Hippocrates, of Hippocratic Oath, practiced. Late morning, sail south to the volcanic island of Nisyros and moor in the harbour at Mandraki. A huge cone last erupted in 1873 and today tiny Greek villages cling to its rim. The island is very fertile and the delightful village of Mandraki nestles at its western foot. The village of Nikia is set dramatically on the rim of the volcanic crater, while nearby is the monastery of Agios Ioannis. From Nikia a path descends to the crater floor, where there is still volcanic activity. Subterranean rumbling noises, according to legend, are the groans of the giant Polyvotis, who was crushed when Poseidon threw a huge lump of rock at him wrenched from the island of Kos. After a visit to the crater return to our yacht moored in Mandraki. Mandraki is a lovely harbour with fine white-washed houses and brightly colored wooden balconies. The narrow streets are overlooked by two castles: the highest, Palaiokastro, is a magnificent 6th-century BC Doric bastion with thick Cyclopean walls. Below it, the Castle of the Knights contains the monastery of Panagia Spiliani, with its much-venerated icon of the Virgin. Overnight ON BOARD.
Cruise on to the Greek island of Tilos - a large but sparsely inhabited island mooring in the picturesque harbour of Livadia, dominated by the church of Agios Nikolaos. There are many Byzantine and Crusader remains on the island. There is a fine walk up to the main town on the island, Megalo Chorio. A castle built by the Venetians towers over the town, and incorporates classical remains. There is an interesting palaeontological museum in the town which has the remains of pygmy elephants. Also visit the fortified monastery of St. Panteleimon, amid spectacular coastal scenery. Return to the yacht for dinner. There are a few tavernas nearby which usually have good hors d’oevres, like calamari. Overnight ON BOARD.
After breakfast sail to the island of Symi and the harbour of Gialos at its northern tip. Symi was famous last century for being the centre of the sponge diving industry. The harbour is overlooked by the lovely town of Chorio, one of the most beautiful in the whole of the Greek islands, whose Cycladic style Greek houses climb up the slopes above the anchorage. Afternoon exploring the town. In Chorio itself are several fine churches and the Castle of the Knights of St. John. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.
Morning cruise to Chalki, a small island in the Carpathian Sea south west of Rhodes. Moor in the tiny harbour at the charming town of Chorio. Theophrastos described Chalki as a Rhodian island. In the Hellenistic times Chalki was heavily defended, and remnants of the fortifications can still be seen. There is a fine medieval fort, built in the fifteenth century, above the town. Overnight ON BOARD.
Sail to Rhodes - the largest of the Dodecanese islands, with time for swimming en route. Afternoon arrival in Rhodes. The city was originally built in the 4th century BC as part of the new Hellenistic age. Overnight ON BOARD in Rhodes.
Full day in Rhodes. Today, most of its obvious remains are Crusader. Rhodes became the centre for the Crusader Knights of St. John from 1306 to 1519, and the city still has much of the 14th and 15th century remains. An afternoon spent in the city of Rhodes. Its crusader streets, houses, defenses and the palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller can all be visited. There is an excellent museum of classical and later antiquities (optional). Overnight ON BOARD in Rhodes.
Disembark from the yacht and transfer to the Airport of Rhodes for morning flight to Athens.
Included services for this itinerary:
  • Arrival-departure transfers.
  • 7 x nights full board accommodation on board private yachts (shared twin cabin).
  • All tours, airport and hotel transfers conducted by private A/C comfortable vehicles.
  • Sightseeings and visits as detailed in the itinerary.
  • English speaking professional tour guide (or your chosen language).
  • Entrance fees to the touristic sites mentioned.
  • All necessary taxes.
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