Cruise the famed Turquoise Coast of Turkey, the most beautiful seascapes in the Mediterranean. Together with the Ceramic Gulf, the Aegean, Carian and Lycian Coast and the nearby Greek Islands, with inlets and bays, coves and beaches, it is such an excellent place to take a vacation. The superb cuisine, friendliness of the people, the outstanding scenery and the lure of the ancient archaeological sites make for a truly memorable holiday - a wonderful mixture of bodily calm and mental stimulation.


Cruise Turkey's Turquoise Coast

For the very best Mediterranean cruise, you just cannot beat the Turquoise Coast - clear waters, outstanding scenery, calm inlets, loads of culture, tiny fishing villages - there is something for everyone, and all done in the luxury of one of our own crewed yachts. We have fifteen years experience taking people around these shores.

Cruise Turkey's Historic Shores

In Greek and Roman times it was the centre of world. Its prosperity gave rise to great cities like Miletus and Ephesus, rivaling Rome itself. The Byzantine Empire which followed lasted over 1100 years, linking the Classical world to the Renaissance. From 1453 to 1919 the Ottoman Empire spread throughout the Mediterranean.

Why not combine a visit to Istanbul, Cappadocia or the Meander Valley with the luxury of a Blue Cruise and experience the whole cornucopia?